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Name: Chelsea Ring
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I like: travel; my family; G&Ts; nigiri; learning about: neuroscience, the Universe, upcoming Nordstrom sales, and (I always keep up to date on the availability of) jet packs; mascara (email me for a list); dungeness crab; artichokes; watching Nick Ring eat foot long tuna fish sandwiches; TED talks; the ocean; sunshine; Queens of the Stone Age; and being chased around the house by Pepe LePew.

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Locals Only Plate Lunches for Everyone!

One thing that can be said about Kauai is that there is no shortage of tasty food. Because you do not need to a passport to travel from the mainland (as a US citizen), it’s easy to slip in to the touristy Hawaiian grind of going to nice, over priced, and mediocre restaurants because they …

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Market Lane Coffee (Melbourne)

For people who like straight up black coffee, Australia is not the place for you. “Coffee shops” do make beverages out of the infamous little brown bean but most do not make the granddaddy of them all, drip coffee. Being a coffee-enthusiast from the PNW and also knowing that Melbourne is the “coffee capitol” of …

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Yasawa Island Transport

Yasawa Flyer Map

Ohmygod. Trying to look up anything about travel to and around Fiji when in the States was a total nightmare! Everything is an advertisement. If you are interested in traveling through the North-most Island chain, the Yasawas, it is highly recommended that you book your travel once in Fiji through your resort/hotel (the commission they …

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