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One of our initial intentions for Grisl was that it would be used as a travel guidebook filled with recommendations from people who have been outside and around the block. For many reasons, this portion of the site has been slow developing.  We’ve expanded on this concept to include recommendations from bands who would like to share guidance one getting around their own hometowns. After all, nothing makes a traveler more appreciative of where they hail from than being on the road.  The feature is called No Place Like Home.

The best part is that when one of our readers travels to a place that is foreign to them they will have some solid recommendations from an awesome source, one of their favorite bands!  I know I look forward to checking out some of these places and am sure that there are many others who would be interested.

Constant Lovers

This installment of No Place Like Home was actually done by Grisl contributor Natasha.  She was unable to get it posted because she is currently having a blast in New Zealand.  She was able to ask some questions about the hometown of Gavin Tull-Esterbrook.  He is the bassist from one of the most dynamic bands that Seattle has to offer…Constant Lovers.

Where do Constant Lovers call their hometown and how long have you been there?

Seattle Washington. Constant Lovers was founded in Seattle late in 2008. I’ve been in and out of Seattle my whole life but here fully time for the last 15 years.

If friends or family from out of town were visiting you where would you have to take them for must eat grub?  What sort of food does the place serve?  Any specific dish that you would recommend?  What do you like about this place?  Price range? 

Hmm. My house. It’s so cheap! BBQ pizza, hippy bowl, GF VG friendly! Tequila! Pop corn! Other than that – El Camion, mexican food truck fare,  everything I’ve had has been awesome but I love the burritos, cheaper than most resturants. Awash, Ethiopian, family style vegetarian plate, cheap. Szechuan Noodle Bowl – Chinese, green onion pancakes, veggy dumplings, cold sesame noodles, cheap!

Here at Grisl we are big into the craft beer scene, dive bar scene and regular bar scene (basically we love bars…).  Assuming you also enjoy grabbing some drinks with your pals, where are the can’t-miss spots that you would recommend?  What makes these places special to you?  Any specific drinks that you would recommend?  Price range? Vibe (i.e. bow tie or acid wash jeans?)?

The two places I can always go and feel comfortable are Pettirosso and The Hazelwood; Good cocktails without being your dad’s bar and prices seem based around serving service workers that are out on thier nights off or stopping in after their shift. These places attract a clientele that is varied in life but values and particiates in the enviroment they inhabit.

What is your favorite music venue in the area to catch some shows?  Any memorable shows you watched there off of the top of your head?

R.I.P. The Comet! Shit, I haven’t recovered. I know it’s coming back but I doubt it will be anything like it was; dirty, loud, and cheap. I would love to be proved wrong. As someone who plays music that fits and manifests in these kinds of places, it’s hard to see the current trend in Seattle of them disappearing. Constant Lovers was also one of the bands displaced after the closing of The Chop House.

After a night of drinking and live music where are the best places to get some late night munchies/more drinks?  What sort of food are we talking about?  Price range?

Hot dog stand. They’re everywhere and open when you stumble out the door; 5$. If you want to drink more it means you have a posse – draw straws and tear someones living room up.

After a night of drinking and live music where is the best place to get breakfast and/or coffee? Anything on the menu that you specifically recommend?

I love and hate buying breakfast! It’s way too exspensive. I don’t care if the eggs are from a hen in Ballard and you caught them as it came out her vent. They might taste better but damn. Potatos! Toast! How can this stuff cost so much. When I go out to breakfast I feel like I’m paying rent. That being said, I love going to Le Pichet for breakfast on a week day. Baguette and butter, two eggs broiled with ham and gruyère, djion mustard, coffee, champagne.

Do you have any lodging tips for people passing through (e.g. specific places or general areas)?

Stay downtown – lots to walk to and you can take the bus to any neighborhood.

What kind of day trips and/or outdoor activities in the surrounding areas would you recommend to our readers? 

I love going to Vashon Island. I don’t even know what there is to do there. I just drive around and if I see something interesting, I stop. Plus, I love the ferry rides.

Travel/On Tour:
Favorite city the band has played a show:

We have not played in many citys, so Seattle.

City with the best live crowd:

Not with Consant Lovers but San Diego – 200+ kids, four cop cars and a bubble tea cafe with a capacity of 35. Shit was crazy.

Weirdest thing you’ve seen on tour:

Not really weird but entertaining – driving through Nevada and every time we stopped at a gas station the same bow-legged old guy would be coming out with a 22 of Mickey’s and get into his little old truck with his little old wife. My tally went to three Mickey’s

Longest length of tour:

2 weeks – there’s no place like home.

Skuzziest place you’ve slept:

It doesn’t get skuzzier than a couch in an all ages venue in Reno.

Natasha and I want to thank Gavin for participating with this feature.  This website is based in the Pacific Northwest so I know we will get a chance to check out some of his favorite spots in the near future!

Experience feelings

Constant Lovers released one of the best albums of the year last month.  I know I know, it is only April.  How could I make that declaration?  For starters, I like fun.  This album is pure fun from the opening track “Mush Teeth” all the way through to the closing track “I Am Your Skunk”.  The lyrics are playful and have a good sense of humor.  The band does’t take itself too seriously…unless you are talking about serious riffs, borderline psychotic hollering yells and brain engulfing bass lines.  Then yeah, they take it super seriously.  In addition to those elements the Constant Lovers have a new drummer in the mix.  The original drummer, Mike Horgan, moved away.  For a band that thrives on percussion it worked out that a Seattle rock legend in the making was willing to step in.  Ben Verellen brings his own style of pummeling rhythm to the mix but it is completely complimentary to what was already established and allows the band to keep its identity.  For example, they still bring us the epic tribal rock drum breakdowns.  Perfect addition.

I love how their bio on Good To Die Records’ website puts it:

“You lean your drunk head, watery-eyed and open-jawed, towards hands that clutch the disgusting, dripping dog; it’s slick with fried onions and the mustard is already running down the inside of your thumb. You already know that sharp smell on your wrist and stain on your cuff will haunt you tomorrow but you don’t care. You need it. You shut your eyes tight, the spins are close, the food will help. Suddenly the sausage darts and recoils, alive with anger it hisses with its black tongue and spits, “I’m on fire” and it’s right, and you scream, “What freaky magic is this?” mesmerized as the cobra squirms and burns. The snake strikes its own flaming tail and and bites and swallows and swallows and swallows and swallows and the fire consumes the snake as the snake consumes itself and as the bizarre and unreal become epic and mythical you puke in the street and it’s all tequila, mustard and meat.”

If you don’t have this record yet you are missing out big time.  You can buy your copy (still some hot pink / cyan copies available) over here –> Constant Lovers – Experience Feelings or you can pick it up at the record release show!

This Friday is the Seattle release show for Experience Feelings.  Constant Lovers are even more fun in the live setting than on record.  The first time I saw them was at The Comet and the crowd ended up covered in rose pedals and sweat.  They will get your head banging, hips gyrating and adrenaline pumping.  The chicks love the Constant Lovers and they are better than oysters.  Bring a date!


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