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New Lungs[Photo taken from New Lungs' Facebook]


To the untrained eye the photo above may appear to be some young indie band playing a small park performance on a sunny day.  Well, they are a young indie band but that there is New Lungs playing one of the best shows of the weekend this year at Sasquatch! Music Festival.  It has been a pleasure following the career of this band from their early How To Operate Your Brain days to the Lanterns EP that had them morph into New Lungs.

Their newest release, Reviver EP, came out on 7/13/2014 and I love it.  These four guys continue to craft a breed of “indie rock” that doesn’t make me cringe.  The label “indie rock” tends to make me think of cloned versions of music that has already been done by many before.  It is a genre that doesn’t seem to have a lot of innovation currently.  Not with this band though.  New Lungs deliver heartfelt songs layered with that pretty harmonizing that we have grown to expect from them in conjunction with massive spaced out breakdowns.  You can tell how much the lyrics mean to them on a personal level.  They continue to become tighter as a band and the production on Reviver has taken them to the next level.

Keep up with the guys on their Facebook page–>  HERE

On 8/15/2014 you can catch New Lungs in an intimate setting. They are playing at The Business in Anacortes, WA. This is a small record store in one of the cutest little towns of the Pacific Northwest. If you are able to get out there I would highly recommend it.

Doomed & Stoned in Portland

During the summer months it is extremely difficult to continue posting material on Grisl consistently.  We have to take advantage of this amazing weather when we can in the Pacific Northwest.  There is one music website that I have noticed doesn’t drop off at all though.  Doomed & Stoned in Portland is an excellent site to bookmark.  Per their own description:

Doomed & Stoned is the evil invention of BillyGoat, your friendly neighborhood musical drug dealer–hooking the masses on doom, stoner, sludge, psych, and ambient metal since the unholy year of 2013.

In celebration of their one year anniversary they have put out a 52 (yes that is FIFTY TWO) track compilation of “…bands that have wrapped their tentacles around the Portland underground metal scene and are hungry to scale new mountains.”  I love how much they want to support these bands that they care about and I would encourage you to download this free compilation and support the bands that you dig on!

No Place Like Home With Teeph

One of our initial intentions for Grisl was that it would be used as a travel guidebook filled with recommendations from people who have been outside and around the block. For many reasons, this portion of the site has been slow developing.  We’ve expanded on this concept to include recommendations from bands who would like to share guidance one getting around their own hometowns. After all, nothing makes a traveler more appreciative of where they hail from than being on the road.  The feature is called No Place Like Home.

The best part is that when one of our readers travels to a place that is foreign to them they will have some solid recommendations from an awesome source, one of their favorite bands!  I know I look forward to checking out some of these places and am sure that there are many others who would be interested.

Teeph Band Pic[Photo taken from band's Facebook page]

For this installment of No Place Like Home we were able to ask our questions to Teeph guitarist/vocalist Sesar Sanchez.  Their recently released EP, Solid Jobs, is an explosive addition to the list of 2014′s great releases.  Sesar provides some excellent tips for those passing through the birthplace of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company!

Where do Teeph call their hometown and how long have you been there?

Teeph is from Chico California USA. I’ve (Sesar) been around for 12 years for college and I just ended up staying around and playing in bands. Alex (drummer) has lived here his whole life. And Matt (bassist) is from nearby, moved to Chico for school and stuck around.

If friends or family from out of town were visiting you where would you have to take them for must eat grub? What sort of food does the place serve? Any specific dish that you would recommend? What do you like about this place? Price range?

Here, I love to take people out to taco trucks. A lot of them boast a lot of great, authentic Mexican food made by authentic Mexicans and for the prices they sell their food for, it’s just hard to pass up. The great part is that some places have great burritos, but aren’t so great at tacos or tortas. But another trucks will have great tortas, but shitty everything else. My personal favorite is a place called Tacos Tijuana, which isn’t a taco truck, but still has great prices and killer plates (especially posole and menudo on the weekends). The breakfast burritos are also great hangover cures.

Here at Grisl we are big into the craft beer scene, dive bar scene and regular bar scene (basically we love bars…). Assuming you also enjoy grabbing some drinks with your pals, where are the can’t-miss spots that you would recommend? What makes these places special to you? Any specific drinks that you would recommend? Price range? Vibe (i.e. bow tie or acid wash jeans?)?

For any true townie, artist, musicians, and plain ol’ alcoholic, I’d say go to Duffy’s. Stiff drinks, random but really cool shows, a history of great drunk times, dance nights, and pretty reasonable prices is what keeps all them “hipsters” coming back. An up and coming spot is the craft beer bar, the Winchester Goose. A beautifully designed and decorated bar, it serves high-alcohol, great tasting beers that you can’t find at any other bar in town, and if you did, that bar didn’t have as great an atmosphere. There are a lot of other bars in this town, but I avoid going to many different places to drink solely because of the bros and a lot of times the students.

What is your favorite music venue in the area to catch some shows? Any memorable shows you watched there off of the top of your head?

It’s a tie between Café Coda and Monstros Pizza. Both all-ages places, one is a breakfast restaurant turned music venue and the other is a classic pizza joint that has great punk rock, metal and overall heavier shows. Playing with and watching the Wolves in the Throne Room at Café Coda was by far one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen and been a part of.

After a night of drinking and/or live music where are the best places to get some late night munchies/more drinks? What sort of food are we talking about? Price range?

Usually after a night of drinking at Duffy’s, people just walk right next door and have a slice of Main Street Pizza. Not the best-tasting, but surely a crowd pleaser after a night of hard drinking and money spending. $3 slices are not to be fucked with.

After a night of drinking and/or live music where is the best place to get breakfast? What do you specifically recommend?

Café Coda not only is a great venue, but also has the best breakfast in town. I recommend the Fat Boy. Flour tortilla with melted cheese, black beans, and eggs cooked to your preference, and fried potatoes. And bacon. It’s just a winning combination.

We are always looking for great coffee while traveling. What is your favorite spot to grab some joe?

Empire Coffee and Naked Lounge. Empire Coffee is a coffee shop in a single train car near the train station. I recommend the specialty coffees over their drip, and their iced coffee is cold brewed to the point that makes you see through time. Naked Lounge is the Duffy’s of the daytime. These are solid coffee drinks bought by locals and students alike.

Do you have any lodging tips for people passing through (e.g. specific places or general areas)?

Chico is in the middle of the valley and surrounding it are great places to camp. I recommend grabbing some tents, some supplies and losing yourself in some of the most beautiful areas that the North State has to offer. Going up towards highway 32 you can find some gems, not more then 15–45 minutes out of Chico. Otherwise, I’d try the Matador Inn. A seedy, classic hotel that looks like a place your parents would have conceived you in.

What kind of day trips and/or outdoor activities in the surrounding areas would you recommend to our readers?

Go to Upper Bidwell Park. The 3rd biggest park in California, it has great places to hike, swim, and overall enjoy nature. Most people go to Bear Hole, but if you’re adventurous enough, you can find some secluded spots that will bring you back to nature and solitude. Or at least find a place to smoke some grass and drink some beer, without the fuzz busting up your scene, man.

Travel/On Tour:
Favorite city the band has played a show:

Tied between Portland and Seattle
City with the best live crowd:


Best venue & why (e.g. acoustics, stiff drinks, etc.):

The Know In Portland. It’s divey. It’s fun. It’s just got a great atmosphere for heavy music and music in general.

Weirdest thing you’ve seen on tour:

Texas. All of it.

Longest length of tour:

32 days

Skuzziest place you’ve slept:

The Lazarus Pit in Eugene

I would like to thank Sesar for taking the time to answer our questions.  I have always wanted to visit Chico because I have huge respect for the way that Sierra Nevada grew and stayed true to what they believe in as a brewery.  After reading the tips that Sesar provided I think a road trip may be in order.  I don’t think I even have to convince my wife because excellent posole will do that for me!

Teeph released their Solid Jobs EP on 5/29/2014.  It has 5 tracks the span just under 17 minutes in length.  One of the things that I love most about Solid Jobs is that every time the last track ends I start it over again.

Teeph album cover

When listening to Teeph’s music I can’t help but think the Pacific  Northwest would be their home away from home.  The obvious reason I say that is because of the heavy music culture that we are so proud of.  The vibes I get from listening to Solid Jobs are the same vibes that I get when blasting Grenades, Great Falls or Brokaw.  No, I’m not saying that they sound the same as those bands.  I am actually saying the opposite.  They don’t give off a cookie cutter feeling.  The music that they create is unique and comes from somewhere personal.  Teeph can be brutal and crushing or pump the brakes and give your head a little space to float around for a while.  At times the loud noise rock scene can feel a little over-saturated but Teeph are able to distinguish themselves.  I can’t recommend Solid Jobs enough and you can get it from their bandcamp page below:

Keep up with the band on their Facebook page HERE.

If you are like me you are probably wanting to get that sweet yellow tape edition of the album.  I am guessing we will get our chance this Thursday (6/12) at their Seattle show presented by The Seattle Passive Agressive.  They are playing with Seattle’s own Noise-A-Tron and the amazing Great Falls.  This is a stacked bill and costs a lousy $5.  The Kraken is a small venue so don’t miss out.


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